Spies Eyes in the Skies

So many surveillance Satellites with detail so fine that you can count hairs on a frog’s ass. There are chains of NSA’s Super Computers in Utah that have been given virtually unlimited storage. They have the ability to continually store all of intelligence information they would like to collect, and with the ability to save it for as long as they’ve ever dreamed of. Would they really collect geolocation from your phone? Would they save photos from street corners, toll booths or your even photo roll?

Your call information and credit card charges; your email and YouTube videos; your travel and border crossings; your ATM & other banking transactions; your Alexa commands and her listening ability. They wouldn’t record that, would they?

No way they’d be saving your conversations recorded through the mic on your TV, car or a multitude of other devices in your home. Your Internet search history wouldn’t be saved. They would not only pass on saving every Social Media post that you’ve ever made – but every single post you read based on the scrolling rate. You can trust the Feds would never do that. Your Internet URL History would never be their data. They know the mic and camera of any device with Bluetooth connectivity, or access to the Internet, or uses a cellular signal is off limits to them, and they certainly honor that.

Your medical records, test results, prescription list would never find its way to Utah.

Your tax records, your military records, your vehicle records, your property records, your birth records, your driving records, your marriage license, your passport, your previous censes or any other government record – just because it’s collected by the government doesn’t mean they’d use it. If it’s been encoded into a byte, it could easily be in their database, but you can trust your “Leaders”.

Do you know most big casinos long ago embedded tracking chips into their poker chips? They know how much you have in your pocket or purse, where your got it and which tables you are leaving it at. They know long you spent in their dining, their shopping, in their lounge, in your room, or even the room of others. Your every move is recorded on a video camera, digitized and made a database entry into the Casino/Hotel’s information system. Programs are written to know how to use that info to their best benefit against you. Do you think there’s any possibility the US Intelligence Agencies doesn’t have instant access to every company’s computer that is storing their version of what’s important to them?

Do you think they wouldn’t do that without first getting a court order? No government agency gets near as much money as the Intelligence Agencies do. They have to account to no one about any budget. Their budget is whatever they can spend. The bigger they get, the more power they have. They have an insatiable appetite for power and information is the Mother of all Power. The NSA will always give themselves the best of everything. If they can dream it up – there has been a project already started to achieve it.

Maybe I just have a vivid imagination to even consider such possibilities. The Deep State has to have more scruples than to gather every bit of information they can afford to touch, and then actually grade you based on all information, just to determine the attention they feel you warrant.

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